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Quarry Lake Trail Information

Please stay on the trails unless you are in the off-leash area. Portions of the Quarry Lake lands are environmentally sensitive including wildlife corridors, habitat patches and salamander ponds located on the southern portion of the lands.

Quarry Lake Parking Lot to the Highline Trail

Go west 500 metres to the Powerline Trail. At the junction with the Powerline, look upslope for a Highline Trail sign. This is the start of the Highline Trail’s West Connector which climbs 200 metres before merging with the Highline Trail proper. The Powerline Trail offers a direct route between the Highline Trail’s East and West Connectors as well as the terminus of the “Riders of Rohan” Trail.

Canmore Creek to Quarry Lake- ~1.2 KM

This trail marked with yellow signs branches off from the Red Trail at Canmore Creek (or you can start at the Quarry Lake parking lot). Destination points include Canmore Creek Beaver Dam, Three Falls and Quarry Lake. The trail is mostly uphill from Canmore Creek to Quarry Lake.

Quarry Lake to the Red Commuter Trail ~3.1 KM

This trail marked with Yellow signs starts at Quarry Lake by taking you around this upper perimeter of Quarry Lake (keeping you in the dogs on lease zone), goes past the South Beach, then on past the Peaks of Grassi, McNeill and then winds up and down a narrow pathway with stairs ending at the Red Commuter Trail (at the Bow River). This trail takes lots of turns so pay attention when walking and look for the yellow markers. A good loop to take is the Yellow Trail - Canmore Creek to Quarry Lake, then the Yellow trail- Quarry Lake to the Red Commuter Trail and then turn left on the Red Trail for 1.4 km back to Canmore Creek. Combining the trails it’s a 5.7 km loop.



Quarry Lake - Hikes & Dog Walks

quarry lake signsQuarry Lake Park has over 5km of trails suitable for walking, cycling and cross-country skiing in winter.

In addition, there is a large off-leash area for you and your dogs.

Please be aware and watch for wildlife and closures in the area.

Walking and Hiking - Trails Map


trail map at quarry lake